Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The making of cards....

We had our first card making gathering this past Saturday at St. Herman's and had such a great time, we are going to do it again. In fact, we are going to lead the choir. (Calm down, choir directors!) The choir is currently meeting every third Saturday and we will meet on the same day, just a wee bit earlier. To accommodate everyone's crazy life schedules, we will start at 9 am and end around 3 pm. We've already met for August so will next meet at the church on September 17. This past Saturday we had a pot luck lunch and if the choir promises to sing Nativity songs, we just might leave them something too.

These cards of course are being made in preparation to sell them for the work of Doctor's Without Borders. The most current news of the famine and the political situation there is terrible. The attached site from today's news outlines the theft of aid given for the poor. Grateful to see that this does not deter those trying to help as they look for creative solutions to this problem.

Please remember those in need and those who attempt to bring them aid in your prayers.


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