Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Perfect Storm - it has arrived

A bit ago there was a post about the coming of a "perfect storm," that is, of all the conditions being right for great tragedy. Unfortunately, those in the know were right and it has arrived. On the Diakonia bulletin board will be found a clipping from the local newspapers outlining this horror. There is a refugee camp in Kenya which currently sprawls 50 kilometers and these same experts expect it to reach half a million in population very soon. The place has a name and is called "Dadaab." You will hear and read much more about it as the days progress. Those living there will not be so fortunate. They will have first hand knowledge.

In the midst of this tragedy there are heros. Doctors Without Borders are there. From the article: "Each death is a blow to the doctors and nurses who work around the clock and against the odds, but they know they must keep going. 'If you keep on thinking about the child who's died then you'll lose the others.'"

There are many good agencies who are being allowed again in the area (there were political blocks which have praise God been removed by those who set them up) who can use financial support. This is unfortunately a long term project as the article continues with: "Beyond the fences of the camp, the drought has ravaged many more lives - an estimated 10 million people need food assistance."

This is not oddly enough - not at least at this writing - front and centre in the news world. It is in the "B" section. You may have to search for information. We will try to keep it current here.

You may also have to search for options as to how you can help.The agencies that are again in the area most certainly will be grateful for your participation in their work. Most of us cannot go ourselves, but we can support those who do with funding and with our prayers. Never underestimate the need for prayer. And never underestimate the need for financial support, no matter how modest that is.

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